Switch to DuckDuckGo

It might sounds like an unpopular choice.

While (almost) everyone uses google as their default search engine, I am switching to DDG (DuckDuckGo).

I am going to see what it can bring as an alternative to google.

I heard that this search engine doesn’t track “our activities” online, which includes our browsing activities, etc.

Use DDG and take back our privacy.

It will be interesting!

PS: I am using it as my default search engine on my Google Chrome.

Back to Read Journals

Just getting more bored reading articles via Flipboard and Google Play Newsstand (two apps that I used the most for reading news update).

So, I decided to search something new on google, and stumble upon some academic stuff.

And I ended up reading a few journals, which to be honest is more distract-less to read.

I realized that it requires more intention to read journals, but the result is worth it. I understand more about some stuff in academic point of view, which is far more satisfying.

You know, when you can understand more, and you are able to explain some things in a more intelligent and scientific way. That’s cool, right?