Switch to DuckDuckGo

It might sounds like an unpopular choice.

While (almost) everyone uses google as their default search engine, I am switching to DDG (DuckDuckGo).

I am going to see what it can bring as an alternative to google.

I heard that this search engine doesn’t track “our activities” online, which includes our browsing activities, etc.

Use DDG and take back our privacy.

It will be interesting!

PS: I am using it as my default search engine on my Google Chrome.

Back to Read Journals

Just getting more bored reading articles via Flipboard and Google Play Newsstand (two apps that I used the most for reading news update).

So, I decided to search something new on google, and stumble upon some academic stuff.

And I ended up reading a few journals, which to be honest is more distract-less to read.

I realized that it requires more intention to read journals, but the result is worth it. I understand more about some stuff in academic point of view, which is far more satisfying.

You know, when you can understand more, and you are able to explain some things in a more intelligent and scientific way. That’s cool, right?

Then I Removed Everything But Base Group

It seems that what I have been trying previously (updating my antergos firmware and packages), it didn’t work smoothly.

So, instead of getting more confused and repeat the same mistakes, and spent too much time on a same issue, I decided to remove everything except the base packages on my Antergos.

It might be so plain, but it is gonna be better.

[UPDATE] it turned out to be a disaster actually. even the GUI of my antergos was deleted during my experiment. I couldn’t figure out how to configure the GRUB. So I decided to say goodbye to antergos.

Now I have been switching to Ubuntu. As I use it on my vps as well.

Firmware Akhirnya Terupdate Juga

Alhamdulillah, setelah beberapa bulan terbengkalai karena tidak tahu caranya, akhirnya firmware Linux di laptopku bisa terupdate juga.

Sebelumnya saya sudah sangat sering mencoba mengupdate firmware dan apps di Antergos (distro Linux yang saya pakai), hanya saja belum pernah berhasil sama sekali, sehinggaupdate firmware yang “wajib” itu selalu terbengkalai.

Saya selalu mendapat notifikasi

“error: failed to update core (unable to lock database)”
“error: failed to update extra (unable to lock database)”

dan lain-lain, setiap kali saya mencoba mengupdate, yang berujung saya menjadi semakin pusing dan tidak jadi mengupdate.

Barulah pagi ini saya bisa bernafas lega karena akhirnya banyak “library” di linux saya bisa terupdate. Saya mengikuti artikel ini:

Untunglah dengan cara yang sederhana, packages di laptop saya bisa terupdate, setelah berbulan-bulan tidak pernah diupdate sama sekali.

Padahal tadinya saya sempat berpikir untuk mengganti Antergos dengan distro-distro yang lain. Yang sebenarnya belum tentu memuaskan, karena sebelumnya saya sudah banyak mencoba distro-distro linux yang lain.

*Tulisan personal tentang linux di laptop saya.


Well, I am not a big fan of underscore, if it’s related to username. I don’t have any of my usernames using any underscore attached to it. It just doesn’t look good to me. Like there is no aesthetic ¬†of the use of underscore in a username. And yeah, I am being sarcastic.


This is one of my most used apps on my phone. It’s a news aggregation app, which lets me choose certain topics that I am interested to. As I implied earlier, I like this app, except that there are too many biased content for me, like: Donald Trump, American Football, Basketball, The Kardashians topics that are not my favorites. I need to customize it, apparently.

Didn’t Pay The Parking Fees (No Need To)

I was lucky today that I didn’t have to pay any of my parking fee for my scooter. I went to a lot of places this morning by scooter, and it used to be paid when we parked our vehicles on the parking lot. But not today.

Thanks for them, the parking guys, who didn’t bother to ask for the parking fee. They even knew that I didn’t have any money to pay for the parking fees. I mean, I didn’t have enough money allocated for parking fee.

As a matter of fact, the practices were all illegal, though. So, I had a pretty strong argument, in case they wanted to argue. Beside the fact that I didn’t have any money for that.